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Who I am and who I'll be
Mirit Weinstock is an Israeli artist and designer living in Tokyo. In this conversation, Mirit shares how living in Tokyo has opened up her perspective on life, art, aesthetic, and the lifetime process of learning Japanese crafts.

Makeup for me is a mood. It is another way for me to express myself. I love fashion, dressing up, and the fantasy involved in it, and makeup for me is apart of all that.

Mirit Weinstock is the founder & creative director of Mirit Weinstock jewelry brand, which creates luxury, hand-crafted costume pieces. Mirit finds inspiration in uncommon materials, trinkets and souvenirs, offering ultra-feminine original pieces with a dreamy, poetic quality and classic touch. Mirit's pieces can be found internationally through boutiques like Ewanika, Maryam Nassir Zadeh & No.6

Having lived in Tel Aviv and Paris, Mirit is currently based out of Tokyo for culture studies, where she is learning.   Mirit believes that whether in art or design, the different fields of fashion, jewelry, crafts and art influence and inspire one another, leading to create a versatile body of work that explores not only questions inside each world, but also the dialogue between them.

Follow Mirit @mirit_weinstock. See Mirit's work at and explore her recently project, Wa Boxes, which showcase a curated selection of Japanese crafts.

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I am such a dreamer. I moved to Japan when I was 42, with my 3 year old daughter as a single mother, just the two of us. We faced so many challenges but above all, i was fulfilling my dreams. Doing this I always had in my head that life is a good adventure.

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Who I am and who I’ll be