How we look at beauty is changing. What is appropriate for our age, our position, or status, is in flux. We might have as much in common with our mothers as with our younger sisters (or fathers and younger brothers). We deserve a more open and multi-generational dialogue about what beauty looks like at all stages of our lives, from ages 19 to 99.

We create unprescribed beauty essentials for building, blending, buffing, smudging, and doing what you want. Makeup is an embellishment, an accessory, and above all, temporary. We embrace and find beauty in the smears, strokes, creases, and the time spent with ourselves to ‘touch up’.

19/99 makes high-performance, multipurpose products designed for those who want to define their own beauty and aren't concerned about what is considered appropriate.


We are a responsible beauty brand. We define this as:

We create limited assortments of vetted, timeless essentials that fit into your daily routine. We believe in science, not marketing hype. All products are free of harmful ingredients, synthetic fragrances, and are cruelty free.

Our focus is high performance product and high pigment payoff, using responsibly sourced ingredients that work.

Less is more. We are committed to making the most sustainable choices for our product, packaging, and shipping materials. We use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible, and aim to minimize our use of plastics. We are actively sourcing and developing manufacturing processes that create the most sustainable supply chain possible.

All products are designed to work on all skin types, across all age groups and for all ideas of beauty.



Community is the foundation of the brand. This includes forming a global community, and contributing to our local community. We’ve partnered with Nellie’s in Toronto, which is an organization that operates programs and services for women and children who have and are experiencing oppressions such as violence, poverty and homelessness. Nellie’s is committed to social change through education and advocacy, to achieve social justice for all women and children.19/99 donates a portion of monthly profits to Nellie’s.


Founders Camille Katona and Stephanie Spence have worked together in the beauty space for over 10 years. Lovers of beauty products, the two very early became disillusioned with the culture of the beauty industry and its flaw-focused, beauty-norm model. “Why were we being marketed ‘anti-aging’ creams in our 20s? Why is any particular look considered appropriate?”

From this grew the idea of 19/99, a brand that is inclusive of all ages and all attitudes towards beauty. 19/99’s mission is to start a dialogue that breaks down the idea of ‘appropriate’, in hopes of steering the conversation in new directions that dissolve the traditional definitions of beauty.

In creating 19/99, the two founders have worked closely with Diti Katona, Camille’s mother and Chief Creative Officer of brand agency Concrete, and Simone Otis, a long time leading makeup artist and friend. Both Diti and Simone are the busiest they’ve ever been in their careers, and far from being irrelevant. In the past, women of their age would have been considered ‘expired’. 19/99 is for women like them, and us, who refuse to be invisible or told how we should use makeup.

“With this brand”, Camille explains, “I want to challenge people to see beyond the traditional conventions of beauty.”




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