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Who I am and who i'll be
Samantha Chapman is UK based makeup artist who was one of the pioneers of beauty Youtube. In this episode, Sam shares her experience as a makeup artist, transitioning to Youtube, her perspective on makeup as a liberating tool, moving past perfection, and the ever-changing beauty industry.

I love an eyeshadow creasing, I think it looks fantastic, it looks like you’ve have a wicked night.

Sam’s interest in makeup was sparked in her early teens by her aunt who worked as a makeup artist. After makeup school, she quickly started working with celebrities and at fashion week before working at MAC Cosmetics, and as a freelance makeup artist. When she was pregnant with her second child, she uploaded her first video to Youtube. Fifteen years later, Sam has inspired millions of viewers with an interest in how to do makeup on her Youtube and Instagram channels. Now 45, she focuses on ways to wear makeup in your 40s and beyond.  

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Makeup gives me the freedom to be whoever I want to be that day