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Who I am and who I’ll be
Eryn Danielle is a movement artist, model, and creative story teller who uses her experience as a dancer as a foundation for storytelling and pushing narratives that challenge industry norms. In this episode, we discuss the intersectionality of art, politics, pop-culture and self-image, how we can challenge the current homogenization of beauty and celebrate differences.

You can be a dancer and you can also critique the standards. You can love dancing and hate the body standards, or the fact that I had to dye my shoes and my tights to be my skin colour. You can push back on those things and still love your art form.

Eryn Danielle started dancing when she was 3 years old and began to question the standards in the ballet world early on as a young girl. She uses her artistic background as a foundation for creative storytelling, to talk about who gets to tell stories and who doesn’t, and to push back on some of the norms that she sees within her craft. Having studied dance, human rights, and race studies in college, Eryn became exposed to many different cultural backgrounds. She created the Instagram account ‘Allies Doing Work’ as an extension of this work. She wanted to create a community that was approaching these conversations from a diverse, not just white vs. Black point of view, that was inclusive of all voices. 

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we do not need to follow the rules of the past, or uphold the standards of our predecessors

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Who I am and who I’ll be
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