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Who I am and who I’ll be
Shope Delano is the founder of Kind Regards, which is creating a new conversation about working women, from the money-making kind to the without-pay kind, and everything in between. In this episode, we discuss how social media has effected work culture, debunking the term ‘girl boss’, and how Shope hopes to steer the working women conversation in a new direction.

I’ve never had an appetite or a need for the classic, corporate, slightly archaic, professional workwear.

Shope has always looked to style as a form of self-expression, and a way to communicate with the world. Spending most of her career working in branding and marketing within the financial industry, Shope was very familiar with the (sometimes) drab office apparel available in the market, and the ‘girl boss’ culture that was being perpetuated around her. Kind Regards wants to change both these things - by having real conversations about what it means to be a woman who works, what that looks like in all its forms, and providing cool, comfy, versatile clothes to get this work done in.

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I hope to inspire and equip women to define work on their own terms, and to feel comfortable and confident in doing that.

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